WOL Proxies

Wake On LAN Proxies – wake up remote PCs w/o using directed broadcasts.

Auto Shutdown Manager supports so called Directed Broadcasts to wake up PCs in remote IP segments or VLans. However, in some situations you can’t or don’t want to use the Directed Broadcast technology. In this case a WOL Proxy comes into play.

 WOL Proxy in Auto Shutdown Manager

A WOL Proxy is an Auto Shutdown Manager client PC or an Java supported device such as the Raspberry Pi that should be configured to run for 24/7. Ideally this is a Server PC that would run anyway 24/7 – or alternatively a low power PC that runs on the remote site.


Try Auto Shutdown Manager's WOL Proxies to achive the most reliable WOL solution across all your networks and VLANS.